While working in an accountants office I became frustrated at the size of the fees charged for everything - phone calls, company registrations, budgets, sorting tax returns - let alone the annual accounts.

We also recognised that there are clients who struggle with their regular bookkeeping - either with the technical side or with finding the time.

Having been self employed at various stages of my working life we value the deeper professional experience of being responsible for what we do and we wanted that involvement again.

We have always enjoyed keeping good financial books which have helped us though some pretty tight times. Then using these records to move forward into plans and goals. We feel very strongly that accounts are historical documents that are useless unless set up and used correctly. Good structure and recording should allow those records to have value going forward.

A good budget has much more relevance if it moves forward from a sound base - what has gone before. We have done a few budgets where nothing was known - it was 95% guesswork - so had little chance of achieving reality.

From all this grew Capital Bookkeeping. We try to have a personal relationship with our clients, giving excellent service to our clients.  We feel we can add value to your business with our business background and our understanding of our clients situation, which goes further than just their business. In reality the business allows us to achieve what we want in life.

We are based in Christchurch (which makes contact easier if you live here) and have several clients all over the world which is possible with skype and email so location is not really an issue.

So if you would like personal service, to have your financial recording and returns filed in a timely manner, please contact Martin who will give you an hour to discuss your requirements - without charge. It is very important that both parties are happy to enter into this relationship. All good relationships are based on trust - a decision not to be rushed.


So ring us today for a no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.


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