Let us give you back some time by doing the financial recording for you.

You are good at what you do in your business - and we are the same. We have the knowledge, tools and skill to do your recording and IRD Returns quickly and efficiently. Then you can do what you want to do.

And with each of us doing what we are good at you should have more time, make more money and more profit.


So let us do your





               Fringe Benefit Tax

               Annual Accounts

               Tax Returns


And you will get              

               The reports you want

               Questions answered 

               Returns filed on time 

               Copies of the returns sent to you


So ring us today for a no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.


 Note - the office is not attended on Tuesdays


I have a client who is winding down his business and selling slate bed pool tables and commercial juke boxes - if you are interested ring me and I will pass your name on to him. He has quite a collection and they are all very well maintained. Would make great mancave items or surprise him for Christmas!


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