GST Form                                                                GST Guide

PAYE (Now returned every payday)                              PAYE Guides are part of the tables below                  Payday Filing Checklist

        PAYE & Kiwisaver Calculator                                 

        Weekly & Fortnighly PAYE Tables 2021                Four Weekly & Monthly PAYE Tables 2021

        Employer Deductions Schedule (IR348)                 Employer Information Schedule (IR349)

FBT Returns                                   FBT Guide

       FBT Quarterly Form (IR420)                                  FBT Income Year Form (IR421)

       FBT 31 March Form (IR422)

Income Tax                                    Income Tax Calculator

       Individual Rates                                                      Companies

      Trusts                                                                      Partnerships (good for deciding what type of entity to use)


Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) website which is a very good source of information about almost anything to do with business in New Zealand

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